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What is "surf training?"

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

The term "surf training" or "surf fitness" gets thrown around a lot lately and I want to add some clarity to this new trend.

What is surf training?

I added this picture because I feel a lot of people have this in mind when they think about the term "surf training." This picture makes me cringe so bad that it gives me anxiety. Please don't ever do this by the way because I promise you it will end badly. Ok now that my rant is over, let's talk training, and more specifically, surf training!

Honestly I don't even like the term "surf training" because it doesn't accurately describe the type of training or programming that I utilize with my surfers. I prefer the term "sports specific training" and what I mean by that is training for your sport. Yes I tag a lot of my videos and photos with #surftraining or #surffitness because I feel that separates us from all of the other fitness/sports blogs and pages. But it doesn't mean that I consider squatting on a ball or doing a pop-up onto a Bosu "surf training." Sports specific or functional training is applying the appropriate movement patterns in the gym to increase power, strength, endurance, stability and flexibility for your sport. So you are essentially taking a look at the demands the sport is placing on the body and you are getting stronger in those areas. Now you are ready to create your own blog post! Click Create New Post to start crafting your own blog content.


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