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Dynamic Stability

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

Dynamic stability exercises and how they apply to surfing!

Nolan Rapoza boosting an air!

Stability is defined as the ability to maintain control of joint movement or position by coordinating actions of surrounding tissues and the neuromuscular system. And the simplest way to describe Dynamic Stability is the stability you need from transferring from one dynamic movement to the next dynamic movement.

For the sake of the SRF Trainer App, we've combined both Stability and Dynamic Stability movements under the "Dynamic Stability" Goal. All of the exercises that fall under this category are going to be your meat and potatoes of surf specific movements. Some are easier than others and some require more equipment to get the most out of your training. But with proper form and execution, you will be surfing better in no time by applying these exercises to your training routine. These exercises require a lot of control and balance so train safely.

The medicine ball lateral toss on a Bosu is a great example of dynamic stability exercise. It's two exercises in one in that you're having to balance on a Bosu while also tossing a ball against the wall. It requires a lot of stability to balance on the Bosu while also tossing and catching the ball as it bounces off the wall.

The single leg RDL on a Bosu with a tennis ball catch is another great example of a dynamic stability exercise. Again, you're combing the stability of having to balance on one leg on an unstable surface while you have to hinge down to catch the ball as it bounces off the ground.

Top turns on a box is one of my favorite exercises for creating power when pushing thru the lip of a wave but also having the stability to ride out of the turn. Adding the Bosu to this exercise creates more of an unstable surface which trains the body to stabilize more efficiently.

These are the types of exercises you can find under the Dynamic Stability section under GOALS. Depending on the level of difficulty of each exercise, keep your sets between 2-4 and reps between 5-10. Remember to train safely and make sure you're not too fatigued before attempting each exercise. If you're looking for personalized coaching and programming, be sure to email me to setup a consultation call. Have fun!